Monday, April 10, 2006


BLUEHATTER, You are the winner of the gold Scorpion necklace in The Lord and the Scorpion giveaway!
Again congratulations and look out for my new contest coming soon!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Chapter 1-5 has been posted! Thank you Readers for your continued support.

Let's make 2006 a great year!



Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hello everyone, Hope all is going well and everyone is adjusting to the time change. Feels like the day is flying by.
I am one of those that wish we could have one time and stay there, but I think they (whomever the they is that came up with daylight savings time) have a reason for everything and if not they have this way of making us think they know what's best for us. Let's see what's going on with me.
It seems as if The Lord and the Scorpion is turning out to be well received and I have all you to thank for that. It looks like I'm still set for it to be published in paperback form on May 12th, hopefully that will reach out to those that do not like reading their books online. Thank all of you who have sent me wonderful notes, letters, and comments on the other group boards, it has been appreciated.
I am currently working on A Satyr's Tale: Zaza and Sylus, I know...I know I could have sworn it would be finish by now but it seems to be turning into a full flege book instead of the short sweet read I had intended. The characters decided they wanted to be complicated so what can you do? lol The good news is, after I edit the chapters I will be posting them to the website free read so you can go ahead and get started reading. This will be up starting Thursday morning.
I have made some head way on the second installment of The Assassin series. All these books will stand alone, so don't feel as if you will be cheated by the story of the characters being incomplete. They will have their ending or new beginning at the end of the book, depending on how you like to look at it.

For those of you who don't know The assassin series will consist of four books about four female assasins of African birth, who have been raised and trained as courtesan assasins for a Japanese Warlord Widow named Lady Chiyome and her loyal General.The first book is The Lord and the Scorpion, the second will be The Prince and the Panther, the third is The Warlord and the Dragon and the last will be The Pirate and the Cobra.

So you see it here first!Meanwhile, I have been asked by Samhain to write something for them and I haven't figured out yet what, but I would like to do something for them. I am rewriting The Black Dove, which once I'm finish I will see if it fits their format or NCP's and submit it based on that decision. It, is an Interracial Regency/Napoleonic romance, actually the first historical I ever wrote, so I need to revamp using the lessons I've learned over the years. Well for now that is all that is going on with me. I should have an add coming out in Romantic Times, for the Lord and the Scorpion, hopefully to coinside with the release of the paperback. I will let you know once I know. Those who are reading my doll soap opera, well unfortunately this will probably be the last month for it. So I will have the bachelor and bachelorette party, wedding and reception photos up by next week, sorry I don't have time to persue it anymore or delve deeper into finishing the storylines, but I think I only had about 3 die hard viewers anyway...so I can't let my miniature craft work and business go, and this was the only other thing I had going on that I could cut out in order to utilize more of my time to writing.

Last but not least, I got spring fever. Starting yesterday and finishing today I stripped my bedroom walls of wall paper so I'm looking at this ugly wall in my bedroom as I try to think about what I want to go with next. I have some Japanese art peices I hate to get rid of so I don't know if I will stick to my Asian theme and just change the colors or what. I was wanting to go more Bouduin and add more colors. Here is a link if you want to see my bedroom before and when ever, it may be months from now, I get started and finsh I will put a after. photo.http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/shreeree/detail?.dir=ba83&.dnm=e15b.jpg&.src=ph

Ok, well anyone else got stuff going on for this month let us know by sharing and happy April Everyone!Ree